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Current Yam Treasury Dashboard

Yam’s major differentiator vs other similar projects is the community funded and governed Yam Treasury. Initially the treasury was funded during positive rebases, where depending on the size of the rebase, an additional percentage was minted for the treasury. Since the rebase mechanism has been disabled since Dec 29th 2020, the treasury has been self funding.

Treasury Use Cases

The Yam treasury is controlled by the Yam community and as the community and Yam evolves there have been multiple use cases for the treasury.

2020 Developments

Great Yam Wall - A core value proposition for YAM has always been the unique value of our growing treasury model. Great Yam Wall is an alternative to the initial ragequit designs and will allocate treasury funds for use in executing buybacks if market cap is less than treasury value. Original proposal.

Yam DAO Set (YDS) - A Collaboration with Set Protocol for Yam to build our own Set on A part of Yam treasury has been allocated to be an investment portfolio investing in other crypto assets and also utilizing DeFi yield generating strategies from yielding stablecoins to yield farming to revenue staking.

Project Support and Investments - As of year end 2020, we have multiple projects in development that would benefit from treasury bootstrapping either liquidity or another function. This can benefit current projects but also potential future projects in a way Yam can incubate projects and teams.

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