MoFY Marketplace dApp

Mint, browse, buy, and sell NFTs on ZKSync

The MoFY Marketplace dApp is your gateway to minting, buying, and selling NFTs on our platform.

Current Functionality

As of right now, anyone can mint NFTs on zkSync with the dApp, but in order for the NFT to be displayed on the explore page, NFT's need to be whitelisted. We plan on opening this up, or allowing community whitelisting, but this is not yet available.

The dApp can be accessed with metamask or walletconnect. In order to mint or buy NFTs you will need to send funds to your wallet in zkSync. This can either be done through the mint or buy flow in the dApp, or you can do it yourself with In order to us ZKsync you need to both deposit funds (there will be L1 Ethereum fees) and active your account for about 0.0016 ETH.


This is the page where featured artists are displayed. click on an image to see the information about that artwork or view the rest of the creator's work. Only whitelisted addresses are currently displayed here.

This is where you can see the NFTs that you have minted or purchased. This page will only show your NFTs on ZKsync and not the ones on Ethereum mainnet.


Create your NFT on the mint page. Enter the name, description, and attributes of your NFT as well as how many you want to mint (currently limited to only 1). PNGs, JPGs, and Gifs are currently supported. Once you mint, it may take a few minutes for the NFT to populate in your gallery.


All NFT images are stored on IPFS. To see the image link in IPFS, right click on an image and click "open in new window." The URL is the IPFS storage location, which you can then pin locally if you desire.

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