What is MoFY?

The Museum of Fine Yams (MoFY) is an NFT art museum and marketplace that focuses on the curation and display of high quality NFT artwork.

There are 3 components to MoFY: The MoFY dApp, MoFY Magazine, and Virtual Gallery spaces in CryptoVoxels. The goal of MoFY is to provide a unique and seamless experience where art and NFT lovers can mint NFTs inexpensively, browse curated work, and experience NFT art in a new way in CryptoVoxels.

The MoFY dApp and marketplace is built on ZKsync, a new ZK-rollup layer 2 network on Ethereum. ZKsync allows artists and collectors to use the platform without worrying about paying the high gas fees on L1 Ethereum.

Disclamer: This website is in Beta and some functionality is not yet available. ZKsync is also in beta and may have downtime or occasional issues with response times. If you have problems with the dApp, please come let us know in our discord server:

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