Current project in Yam ecosystem. For up to date info please visit us in Discord.

Degenerative Finance, a product built by Yam, on UMA, for Degens. This platform is allows the creation of synthetic assets. Our first offering is uGas, a synthetic futures contract that settles to the 30-Day Median Gas Price at the end of each month. This new suite of derivatives will begin with UMA’s recent uGas contract and expand into a variety of speculative and hedging products catered to the DeFi ecosystem.


Smart contract insurance platform.

The Umbrella Protection Protocol is designed to enable Protection Providers to earn premium fees in return for staking funds to be paid out in the event of an exploit to Protection Seekers, who stake and pay a funding rate to earn protection in such an event. There are two pool types in the protocol, one accessed by Protection Providers and one by Protection Seekers. The first pool type are the MetaPools, which are funded by Protection Providers and provide coverage on the second pool type, the Coverage Pools, which are accessed individually by the Protection Seekers. Each MetaPool is made up of Coverage Pools, which provide protection on specific protocols or contracts. An example of a MetaPool could be “Lending Protocols” while the Coverage Pools that Seekers could access would be “Compound”, “Aave”, “Cream.” If any of those protocols experienced an exploit deemed valid by the arbiter of the MetaPool, a portion of the Provider’s stake would be used in a payout to Seekers who had staked for coverage in the affected protocol’s Coverage Pool.

Yam DAO Set (YDS)

Yam DAO Set is the investment arm of the Yam treasury. The investment objective is to achieve long term capital appreciation and minimize risk in order to support growth and development of the Yam Ecosystem. YDS is an active management system of the investment arm through a collaboration with SetProtocol. This will allow a more dynamic allocation of assets with better risk handling and analysis without loss of decentralization. YDS will be utilizing DeFi yield generating strategies from yielding stablecoins to yield farming to revenue staking.

Yam Factory

YAM Factory is designed to support teams who want to build applications and tools for the YAM Ecosystem and help Yam’s network grow and flourish. To help teams succeed, YAM Factory will provide capital, mentorship, and support services. YAM Factory's goal is to foster a creative space to help teams workshop their ideas, build them up, and share with users of the YAM Ecosystem.